Flood Damage

Flood Damage caused by drain Problems

Blocked Drain Brighton warn you that drains that back up may flood your house with waste water from the toilet and the sewers.

Don't leave your tap runningThe horrible experience from the unsuspecting home owner or business manager to find that the house or business has been over run with excrement and waste. Or perhaps the basement has turned into an unwanted swimming pool with the waste water from the kitchen. Add the Victorian drain system and a load of grease and you have a recipe for a flood.

Slow running drains

It’s usually too late once the drain has blocked and flooded the building before you know any thing about the problem. It’s therefore best to address slow running drains before the issue turns in to an absolute nightmare. A CCTV survey¬†will be able to assess this situation. If you’re in luck a blockage, will be evident from a slow running toilet so you can quickly phone a plumber or drain team who will address the issue and make sure that the blockage is sorted quickly.

If you’re unlucky then the drain waste may start to enter your house by backing up through the shower, bath and toilet. This is especially the case when there are several properties using the same waste pipes such as typically found in apartments and houses that have been divided into smaller dwellings. This is when the waste really hits the fan. Raw sewage on the garden or filling the basement are not uncommon and can be avoided if drain care is taken.

If you are unlucky enough to fall victim to this most unfortunate event then you must immediately stop using the waste facilities and any water should be avoided if it will meet the affected drain area. If the waste is coming from another part of the building then you should as soon as possible alert the other building users to the problem so that they stop using their facilities or the contents of their bath and toilet may end up in your living room.