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What is a CCTV survey?

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Drain camera for pipe surveysCCTV surveys are the most non-invasive and non-destructive way of examining your drains and locating any issues that you would not have noticed before. It is also the most effective way of examining drains or pipes that are hard to reach and out of the way, causing the least amount of disruption to your drainage systems without damaging them.

Completing the surveys

Drain technicians are highly trained in completing the surveys, and following the inspection you will receive a fully comprehensive and understandable report of the findings, as well as some friendly advice should any further action be required. If your drains have been getting blocked regularly over a short period of time, we recommend getting a CCTV survey inspection. Using this technology allows you to pinpoint if there is a cause behind this and what the cause is. A CCTV survey in this scenario will save you a great deal of time and money, as you can catch the problem before it creates more blockages that you will have to keep fixing.

While many blockages are inevitable, there are some that can be prevented, and the best way to ensure that they don’t occur is to regularly inspect your drains using CCTV surveys. A drain that is left alone without maintenance is highly likely to get blocked and cause problems, so to save yourself time and money we recommend getting a CCTV survey. It’s just one of the services offered by Blocked Drain Brighton.

Whether you’ve noticed something troubling, need to inspect your new drains, or simply want some peace of mind about what’s going on in the pipes, CCTV surveys are the ideal way to keep your drains to the highest standard of quality, and are the most cost effective way of ensuring that you are not faced with a highly damaging issue like flooding or leaks.