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Blocked toilet

Using plunger for your toilet BrightonHave you got a blocked toilet? Toilets are a common problem when it comes to blockages. They are commonly blocked by paper or more seriously when someone puts certain things down the toilet that should not be down there. By that we mean sanitary towels and nappies.

These sort of items will not only cause a blockage in the toilet but may also be moved further along the pipe causing a more serious drain blockage that can only be rectified with expert Blocked Drain Brighton help. If you ever see someone trying to flush a nappy or a wet wipe down the toilet you must do everything possible to stop them to stop the potential drainage nightmare that could ensue.

Blocked Sink

There you are, happily going about you daily business when you find that the sink has been blocked because someone has not been taking the necessary precautions to avoid blocking the drain. Perhaps they are emptying coffee solids right down the drain. Stop!

That’s something for the bin. Or even better, put it down the compost bin. It’s not fun to have a drain that sits there looking at you all day saying ‘hey I’m blocked’ and there is nothing you can do about it. Fear not. With some attention and specialist drainage knowledge we can soon sort out that problem so you don’t have to put up with a stubborn blocked sink.

Blocked Shower

You’re in the shower and knee deep in water because that blasted shower will not drain away. The water just sits there as though it was a bathtub. The only difference is that the plug is not in. It’s because for all those years you’ve been letting the hair and soap go down the drain hoping that one day it might just free itself and all go away.

Unfortunately for you it won’t. There is nothing more misguided than believing that the problem will resolve itself. It will probably block completely until you can no longer have shower without having to looks t the water that builds up for the whole duration.